Your career path is rarely a straight line—especially when you’re a creative professional. While there’s no blueprint for success, there’s plenty to learn from others who have already made their way. Hosted by marketer and artist Rob Goodman, whose own career has taken him from illustrating for Ben Folds to marketing at Google, Making Ways explores the unexpected paths of creative careers. Each episode, Rob talks with a guest from the world of art, business, music, technology, marketing, or design about the roads they have traveled on their journey to success. Whether you’re pursuing your dream job, seeking mentorship, or simply want to hear from others who are thriving in creative fields, Making Ways will enlighten and inspire you as you blaze your own trail.

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Rob Goodman

Rob Goodman is a longtime listener, first time podcaster. His mission with Making Ways is to inspire and educate people about the multitude of careers available in creativity. When he’s not at the mic, Rob is founder and principal of OpenVerse, a marketing, strategy, and storytelling firm in San Francisco. He’s also an illustrator, who has created artwork for bands like Built to Spill, The Go! Team, and Thursday. Rob’s own winding path to a creative career began in marketing at Sony Music, then onto leading online marketing at Simon & Schuster, and most recently as head of global marketing for digital publishing at Google. When he’s not out seeing a band, you’re likely to catch Rob eating BBQ or taking a long run in Golden Gate Park.

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Photo Credit: Sara Remington

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