Author: Rob Goodman

VR Animator Tyler Hurd on Igniting Your Career with a “Just Start” Mentality

If you want to peek under the hood of Tyler Hurd’s imagination, just don a pair of VR goggles and dive into his latest VR experience, Chocolate, which transforms you into a robot with cat launchers for hands, surrounded by waves of luminescent landscapes and giant-sized champagne-popping big poppa cats. Like Tyler’s previous acclaimed virtual […]

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Make Something That No One Else Could Have Made

A Q&A with Indie Documentary Filmmaker, Scott Kirschenbaum Scott Kirschenbaum isn’t too concerned with the typical Hollywood hustle. For the past 10 years, he’s been focused on telling hyper-intimate stories that are all too often left out of the spotlight. During our interview for Making Ways podcast, Scott talked about his path to independent filmmaking […]

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On Leadership, Teamwork, and Running for Days

Q&A With Entrepreneur and Product Leader John Yi John Yi is a tech entrepreneur, a military veteran, a friend and mentor, so I had to have him on Making Ways to share some of his keen insights with the masses. John was instrumental to my realization that going independent and starting my own marketing business […]

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Composing Great Client Relationships

How to Build Partnerships and Create Your Best Musical Work When Ravi Krishnaswami isn’t scoring best-selling video games or earworm-worthy TV jingles with his partner Jason Menkes at COPILOT, he’s off making music fans happy as part of the acclaimed The Smiths and Morrissey tribute act The Sons & Heirs or recording as a solo […]

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The Power of Crunch Time

In conversation with projection mapping artist Craig Winslow There’s a world of augmented reality that needs no glasses, goggles, or smartphones. All it takes is being present, experiencing a space in real life. That’s the world that Portland, Oregon-based designer Craig Winslow plays in. Craig is a projection mapping artist who augments real-world spaces with […]

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