Author: Rob Goodman

First by Feel: Visualizing a Future Moment to Define Your Goal

In conversation with Lana Porcello and Dave Muller, Owners of Outerlands Restaurant Lana Porcello and Dave Muller are the owners and operators of Outerlands, one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco, renowned city- and countrywide for its sophisticated home-style California fare. In the latest episode of Making Ways, I chat with the married duo […]

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How to Apply the Process Approach

When I spoke to Alexis Joseph, San Francisco native, watercolor paint maker, and owner of the studio art supply shop Case for Making in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood, for my podcast Making Ways, we talked about her upbringing with a craft-loving mother, her favorite childhood activity during play dates (making art projects), and her […]

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Taking a Vocation: Augmenting Your High School Education

In the latest episode of Making Ways, I sat down with printer and artist James Tucker, the owner of San Francisco’s The Aesthetic Union, to get a closer look at the timeless process of letterpress and the uncharted waters he navigated as a designer (as well as those encountered when he lived on a boat […]

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Starting from the Bottom: Tips on First Career Steps

When I sat down to chat with acclaimed food, travel, and lifestyle photographer Sara Remington, who also happens to be a good friend from our days at Syracuse University, we talked all about her early love for photography at age 13, her initial hesitation at going all in as a photo major at school (due […]

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Red Flags to Avoid When Naming Your Company, Product, or Podcast

One of my favorite SNL parody commercials is undoubtedly “Red Flag Perfume.” As Kristen Wiig elegantly glides across the room at a gala, grabbing the eye of every gentleman within eyesight, the voiceover slowly reveals she’s a complete disaster, increasingly throwing red flags throughout the skit. A red flag is something that should be, well, […]

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