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Erik Marinovich on Re-Creation, Curiosity, and Community at SF Design Week

During this year’s San Francisco Design Week, I sat down with Erik Marinovich of Friends of Type and Title Case in front of a packed house at Butchershop Creative to talk all about the lettering artist’s journey and the new trails he’s blazing in the world of design. The evening was recorded live for my […]

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The Power of Crunch Time

In conversation with projection mapping artist Craig Winslow There’s a world of augmented reality that needs no glasses, goggles, or smartphones. All it takes is being present, experiencing a space in real life. That’s the world that Portland, Oregon-based designer Craig Winslow plays in. Craig is a projection mapping artist who augments real-world spaces with […]

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Taking a Vocation: Augmenting Your High School Education

In the latest episode of Making Ways, I sat down with printer and artist James Tucker, the owner of San Francisco’s The Aesthetic Union, to get a closer look at the timeless process of letterpress and the uncharted waters he navigated as a designer (as well as those encountered when he lived on a boat […]

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Three Ways To “Change Majors” After College

When I sat down with Tom Censani—director of product design at Eventbrite, the events ticketing platform he joined nearly six years ago—for the inaugural episode of my new creative careers podcast, Making Ways, we talked all about his challenge to find an academic lane in college and his transition from a developer trajectory to diving […]

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