April 09, 2018

Episode 49:

Refilling Your Creative Gas Tank with Dava Guthmiller

Independent creative entrepreneur Dava Guthmiller wears many hats. As the founder and chief creative officer of branding and design agency Noise 13, she leads a mostly female team in taking on big creative projects. Dava is also the cofounder of In/Visible Talks, a conference about the creative process, and founder and CEO of Revel & Rouse, an online cannabis magazine for women. On this episode of Making Ways, Dava shares great advice on nurturing relationships and collaborations and tips on replenishing your creative energy and balancing work and life for greater success. She also discusses her pivotal, impromptu decision to leave her day job and strike out on her own without a plan in hand. Listen in to hear her story and learn why you should prioritize taking time to recharge.

About Dava

Dava Guthmiller’s motto is “Collaborate, work with teams you love, and always eat well.” She is the founder and chief creative officer at Noise 13, a branding and design agency focused on consumer brands, where she connects teams and clients and keeps her eye on the bigger business vision when planning a brand strategy. Along with Arianna Orland, Dava is the cofounder of the In/Visible Project and its conference, In/Visible Talks, which brings people together through conversation about the art of design. She is also the founder and CEO of Revel & Rouse, an online lifestyle magazine for women interested in exploring cannabis. Previously, Dava was an instructor at the Academy of Art, a judge for the Adobe Achievement Awards, and founder of Pow.wow Network. She sits on the boards of Good People, Slow Food California, and the Good Food Awards and has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, San Francisco Magazine, HOW, Communication Arts, and Print.

Show Notes
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