July 28, 2017

Episode 19:

Gregg Schigiel, Cartoonist

Gregg Schigiel decided he wanted to draw comic books when he was in elementary school. Although most people don’t make such important career decisions at that young an age, Gregg has doggedly pursued his goal ever since those days spent drawing characters on the chalkboard. Through a blend of his amazing talent, hard work, and some friendly faces he’s met along the way, Gregg has charted a course as a freelance cartoonist working at Marvel Comics and Nickelodeon, among others. He later went on to draw for SpongeBob Comics and recently published his own middle-grade graphic novel, Pix, with Image Comics. In our discussion, Gregg tells wonderful stories about his early days drawing, how he scored his first comic book internship, and why he chose to pull the trigger and go freelance. He also shares advice on how best to let your career be your guide––without getting boxed into a specific job in the process.

About Gregg

Gregg Schigiel (rhymes with eagle) is the creator, author, and illustrator of the Pix graphic novel series published by Image Comics. Gregg regularly contributes to SpongeBob Comics; he also hosts and produces the comics-centric podcast Stuff Said and the humorous Tom Cruise filmography podcast Cruisin’ Together. Over his career, he’s worked for Marvel Comics, Nickelodeon, DC Entertainment, and Disney. He likes doughnuts, enjoys comedy, and makes sure he drinks plenty of water.

Show Notes
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