May 29, 2018

Episode 55:

A Career of Creative Spontaneity with Illustrator and Designer Jason Sturgill

During our recent visit to Design Week Portland, we had the awesome opportunity to meet illustrator and designer Jason Sturgill. Jason came to illustration later in his career and has flourished, sharing his journey on Instagram for fans the world over. His clients include Warby Parker, New Balance, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and many more. Jason lives his life and career with a curiosity and bias towards openness that has inspired him to start his own record label (where he released one of Modest Mouse’s first 7″ records), art gallery, and more recently take on roles at Wieden+Kennedy, Nike, Dark Horse Comics, and mentor students at Portland State University. On today’s episode Jason talks about his unique serendipitous path and shares the nature of his open mindset. He also discusses his challenges with depression and bipolar disorder and how creativity plays a significant role in his happiness and health. Tune in for a great discussion with the inspiring, creative mind of Jason Sturgill.

About Jason

Jason Sturgill is an artist based in Portland, Oregon specializing in conceptual work with a focus on character based illustration. Previously he has worked as a graphic designer for Nike SB and Nike 6.0 in both apparel and brand design. Jason also spent several years at both Wieden+Kennedy and Dark Horse Comics.

Show Notes
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