February 09, 2018

Episode 42:

Live with Jesse Genet, Cofounder and CEO of Lumi

Jesse Genet has always had the entrepreneurial spark. In high school, she created a T-shirt printing business. Later, Jesse launched two successful Kickstarter campaigns for the sunlight-activated fabric dye Inkodye. That startup ultimately transformed into Lumi, a company reimagining packaging for commerce brands. On today’s episode, Making Ways is live at In/Visible Talks, the new conference all about the creative process. Listen in to hear Jesse’s great advice on building your tolerance for big risks, making difficult decisions, lessons on being a designer founder, her experience at Y Combinator, and so much more. The only way this conversation could have been better was if Jesse’s dog Flexo joined in. Next time. Tune in for a fun, insightful conversation with Making Ways live.

About Jesse

Jesse Genet is the cofounder of Lumi. Jesse loves logistics, manufacturing, and her dog Flexo. At 16, Jesse started her first company printing T-shirts in her parents’ basement. Before founding Lumi, she spearheaded her first brand, Inkodye, a sunlight-activated fabric dye that is sold in retail stores around the world. Jesse has raised over a quarter million dollars on Kickstarter, pitched on Shark Tank, and participated in Y Combinator. She studied industrial design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Jesse and Flexo live full time in an Airstream trailer.

Show Notes
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