February 03, 2019

Episode 69:

Learning Type with Designer Michael Stinson

Michael Stinson had dreams of becoming an airplane pilot, but his imperfect eyesight led him to an entirely different path, albeit one where precision is essential. Listen to Michael’s story of discovering a career in typography, his evolution from print to digital, and how he now trains students and companies like Disney, Facebook, and Mattel, through his program TypeEd, to better understand how to use type to design brilliantly.


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About Michael

I came into the design profession through the back door of aerospace engineering, physics and mathematics. I saw, right away, how design was intertwined with math. The use of numbers for proportion to type, images and the page. I’ve always felt and seen, typography in particular, as music.

I take every design decision from reason only to be over-ridden by artistic direction to add personality, mystery or charisma. For me, graphic design has always been the perfect balance between the left brain (calculating, strategic, mathematical, logical) and the right brain (subjective, artistic, imaginative, visual). I also say it another way; Engineering (left) and Art (right). The left always begins in design yet the right always has the last say.

Show Notes
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