December 01, 2017

Episode 34:

Veronica De Jesus, Artist and Illustrator

On this episode of Making Ways, fine artist, illustrator, teacher, and writer Veronica De Jesus discusses her path to life as an independent artist. Veronica shares the story of her harrowing upbringing on the road, recounts the moment in college when her inner artist was awakened, and how her acclaimed Memorial Drawings series first came to life in the impromptu window gallery of a bookstore. Tune in for a meaningful conversation about the wonders of personal reinvention, self-discovery, and community-building through the process of making and teaching art.

About Veronica

Veronica De Jesus is a visual artist raised in several American cities. She illustrates life as an American, in all its varied splendor. Taking on pop culture icons, professional athletes, heroes and villains, and more, she draws our complex world into focus. Her Memorial Drawings, an ongoing series of illustrations complemented with text, honor the many people who have influenced our collective culture and reflect on loss and mourning. Her work also explores identity and the ways we hide and reveal elements of our personalities. Her work has been shown in galleries in San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. She has a BFA from San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from UC Berkeley.

Show Notes
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