Author: Rob Goodman

VP of Creative Katie O’Brien on bad clients, setting boundaries, and landing your dream job.

The best way to summarize design leader Katie O’Brien’s approach to work and life is a nugget of wisdom from our interview for Making Ways: “Being able to find something interesting about each project [I] work on, no matter the industry or business, is really my job. So if you’re not able to turn every […]

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Forget Networking — Build a Community

4 Tips for Building a Career Support System with General Assembly Career Coach Andy Whelan Think about the people who have made the biggest impact on your life — the friends, family, and teachers who have invested in you as a person. They push you to be better, can be asounding board for bold new ideas, and have your […]

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Tara Donne’s Tips for Launching a Food, Travel and Lifestyle Photo Career

When Tara Donne left her career as a magazine photo editor for a life as a professional photographer, she had stockpiled a good amount of knowledge just from working in the industry. But nothing truly prepares you for the leap into freelancing. You need a little faith and a clear game plan to walk out […]

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Erik Marinovich on Re-Creation, Curiosity, and Community at SF Design Week

During this year’s San Francisco Design Week, I sat down with Erik Marinovich of Friends of Type and Title Case in front of a packed house at Butchershop Creative to talk all about the lettering artist’s journey and the new trails he’s blazing in the world of design. The evening was recorded live for my […]

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VR Animator Tyler Hurd on Igniting Your Career with a “Just Start” Mentality

If you want to peek under the hood of Tyler Hurd’s imagination, just don a pair of VR goggles and dive into his latest VR experience, Chocolate, which transforms you into a robot with cat launchers for hands, surrounded by waves of luminescent landscapes and giant-sized champagne-popping big poppa cats. Like Tyler’s previous acclaimed virtual […]

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