April 13, 2018

Episode 50:

One Year of Making Ways: 50 Creators, Artists, and Entrepreneurs on Navigating Your Creative Career Path

It’s time to celebrate one year of Making Ways podcast! 50 creative minds, 50 career journeys, 50 compelling conversations…50 episodes. Over the past year, host, marketer, and illustrator Rob Goodman has sat down with creatives of all stripes to discuss the winding journeys to their most fulfilling careers. Our guests have navigated unexpected paths and come out on the other side to share pitfalls, lessons learned, and amazing advice. These learnings can help any creative-minded professional pursue a career that will bring them joy—and have an oversized impact on their communities too. In today’s episode, we look back at some of the interviews that listeners have loved. Hear insightful stories from artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs like Kelly Inouye, Alexandra Kenin, Windy Chien, Paul Madonna, Susa Cortez, George McCalman, Steve Vassallo, and Kimberly Bryant. Thanks for an amazing first year of Making Ways. Cheers to more stories and inspiration ahead to help you chart a creative path all your own.

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