June 23, 2017

Episode 15:

Erik Marinovich, Lettering Artist and Designer

This week on Making Ways we’re live at San Francisco Design Week with acclaimed hand-lettering artist and designer Erik...

This week on Making Ways we’re live at San Francisco Design Week with acclaimed hand-lettering artist and designer Erik Marinovich. Based in San Francisco, Erik is a founding member of Friends of Type and the workspace Title Case. He has worked with big brands like Nike, Target, and Google as well as smaller clients including his neighborhood shops in San Francisco’s Mission District. In a wide-ranging conversation, Erik shares his early creative inspirations, the passion for making his own mark that drove him to a career as a freelancer, and his advice for artists and designers looking to get into lettering. Erik’s story is one of hard work and determination and is sure to get you fired up to take on your next creative challenge. This episode was recorded live at Butchershop Creative in San Francisco.

“Never let go of the curiosity that got you to the place where you decided to commit to being a designer or a creative person. It’s your outside curiosities that give you a unique voice and a unique approach.”– Erik Marinovich

About Erik

San Francisco-based lettering artist and designer Erik Marinovich is a cofounder of Friends of Type. Since 2009, Erik has drawn letters, logos, and type for clients such as Nike, Target, Google, Hilton, Facebook, Sonos, Sharpie, the Criterion Collection, Air Canada, the Gap, and Ford Motor Company. In 2012, he cofounded Title Case, a creative workspace that conducts workshops and lectures. Between client work, teaching, and side projects, you’ll find him on the road promoting Keep Fresh, Stay Rad and Let’s Go Letter Hunting, two new releases from Friends of Type, published by Princeton Architectural Press.

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During this year’s San Francisco Design Week, I sat down with Erik Marinovich of Friends of Type and Title Case in front of a packed house at Butchershop Creative to talk all about the lettering artist’s journey and the new trails he’s blazing in the world of design. The evening was recorded live for my podcast, Making Ways, all about the unexpected paths to a creative career. Our conversation was far-reaching. Erik gave everyone a closer look at …

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