March 09, 2018

Episode 46:

Creative Business Realness with Artist Lindsay Stripling

On today’s episode, watercolor artist Lindsay Stripling gets down to brass tacks when it comes to living a life and running a business as a creative freelancer. Lindsay shares the behind the scenes challenges and realities of sustaining a creative practice, running a side hustle, and working multiple jobs as you spin up doing something that you love. Tune in to hear about Lindsay’s path to art making, her time in Santa Cruz and at San Francisco Art Institute, and how she discovered her love of painting. You’ll also learn practical tips for establishing your creative business, programs and tools to help you organize your practice, and advice on scheduling your time for the greatest creative output.

About Lindsay

Lindsay Stripling is a San Francisco based artist, she grew up in the small town of Rodeo in the Bay Area of Northern California. Lindsay studied black and white photography at UC Santa Cruz, where she swam across the monterey bay with the swim team every year and spent countless hours in a magical darkroom underground beneath the redwoods. She then went back to school at San Francisco Art Institute to study painting. Lindsay uses color and form to create dreamlike narratives that echo folk and fairy tales that we vaguely remember from childhood. Whimsical characters exist in familiar landscapes, playing out scenes from stories with no beginning, middle or end. And where the moral might be lost, switched, blurred or even just completely missing.

Show Notes
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