April 02, 2018

Episode 48:

How Writer-Turned-Brand Strategist Miriam Stone Helped Start a Political Movement

In life, we are often so fixated on moving forward that we overlook past passions worth revisiting. On today’s episode, we chart the amazing journey of Miriam Stone. Miriam is a published memoir author who switched gears after hitting writer’s block and found a career in business and marketing as a brand strategist. After the 2016 election, Miriam harnessed her years of training for political action, cofounding Swing Left, an organization that rallies support for progressive candidates in congressional races. Listen in as Miriam shares how her mother’s passing inspired her first book, why she switched gears and went for a MBA, and what a brand strategist really does. Miriam also delivers great advice for making room in your life for creative exploration and how to overcome those pesky feelings many of us have about not being good enough to do whatever it is that we really want to do.

About Miriam

Miriam is a brand strategist with over ten years’ experience developing strategy, naming, and messaging for 50+ brands. Her client roster includes global brands (Google, Adobe, JD Power), growth-stage disruptors (Planet, Tile, Grand Rounds), and public sector organizations (SFUSD, La Cocina, VisionSpring).

In addition to Brand Plume, she is the Strategy Director at Noise 13, a women-led lifestyle branding agency, and a Co-Founder of Swing Left, a national political movement. Previously, she worked as a Senior Consultant at Interbrand and as VP of Business Development for VisionSpring.

Miriam is the mother of two strong-willed girls, the author of a memoir, and an aspiring novelist. She holds an MBA in marketing from UCLA Anderson and a BA in anthropology from Columbia University.

Show Notes
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