September 29, 2017

Episode 26:

Jen Hewett, Printmaker and Surface Designer

On this episode of Making Ways, we’re joined by printmaker, surface designer, author, and teacher Jen Hewett. Jen’s path is a winding one. She began her career working in education, started a stationery business, later moved into the technology world doing HR and operations for an e-learning company, and only recently began pursuing her creative passions full time. Today, Jen creates highly tactile, visually layered printed textiles for both big clients and personal commissions, and her stunning artwork has been shown in galleries around the country. She also teaches a number of popular classes, both online and in person. During our conversation, Jen shares missteps she made with her first business in her 20s and discusses the breakthrough moments when she started to experiment with printmaking and selling her goods and art on Etsy. Hear all about Jen’s unexpected journey to her multifaceted creative career, on this week’s episode of Making Ways.

About Jen

Jen Hewett is a printmaker, surface designer, textile artist, and teacher. A lifelong Californian, Jen creates printed textiles that combine her love of loud prints and saturated colors with the textures and light of the California landscape. When she’s not working in her San Francisco studio or teaching her popular block printing classes, she can be found hiking with her high-strung dog Gus, cycling on San Francisco’s less-hilly streets, or hiding out at her neighborhood wine bar. Jen holds a BA in English literature from the University of California, Berkeley, where she was also a Regents’ Scholar.

Show Notes
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