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About the show

Making Ways is about the stories behind the art of music. Host and illustrator Rob Goodman brings together bands and the visual artists they collaborate with for album covers, posters, videos, TV, film, fashion, and more to explore the creative process and the art of music. Started in 2017, Making Ways first centered around the unexpected paths to creative careers, and in 2020, returned with a new focus on the art of music.

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About the host

Rob Goodman is a creative producer, podcaster, and illustrator. His love of music and art manifested early — over the years, Rob has illustrated posters for King Crimson, Robyn Hitchcock, Ben Folds, Guster, Built to Spill, and many others. When he’s not at the mic or at the drawing board, Rob is executive producer for content at Wix. He previously ran content strategy at InVision and helped launch Google Play. His own agency, OpenVerse, has supported countless startups and VCs at the intersection of technology and creativity. Rob is also the host and producer of the Webby Award-nominated podcast Now What? and Ready for Takeoff, both by Wix, and previously produced InVision's Webby Award-nominated podcast, Design Better. He's taught podcasting and content strategy at General Assembly. Rob loves to run and eat BBQ but never at the same time.

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