October 13, 2017

Episode 28:

Jeremy Fish, Artist and Illustrator

Today’s episode of Making Ways features fine artist, sculptor, and commercial illustrator Jeremy Fish. Jeremy has been a mainstay of San Francisco’s art community and skateboarding scene for more than 20 years, ever since he made his way to the city from Albany, NY, to study at San Francisco Art Institute. In our conversation, Jeremy shares the challenges of living as an artist in one of America’s most expensive cities and the sense of duty he feels to bring San Francisco’s many historic landmarks and neighborhoods to life with his artwork—from his City Hall centennial project, in which he made 100 drawings in 100 days, to his recent residency at Coit Tower. Jeremy’s work has adorned skateboards and band posters, hung in some of the finest galleries around the world, and made its way onto street corners, T-shirts, and books. Listen in to Making Ways to hear how his career unfurled and get to know the artist and the city he holds so dear.

About Jeremy

Fine artist and commercial illustrator Jeremy Fish works to find a balance between exhibiting his work in traditional settings like galleries and museums and placing it farther afield—designing skateboards, T-shirts, vinyl toys, album covers, periodical illustrations, murals, and sneakers. Jeremy’s artwork is mainly about storytelling and communication, told through a library of characters and symbols that toe the line between cute and creepy. Jeremy has lived in San Francisco for the last 20 years and is based in the city’s North Beach neighborhood aka Little Italy. He holds a degree in painting with a focus on screenprinting.

Show Notes
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