April 13, 2017

Episode 6:

Lana Porcello and Dave Muller, Restaurateurs

Building and running a successful restaurant is no small feat. In today’s episode, Lana Porcello and Dave Muller share...

Building and running a successful restaurant is no small feat. In today’s episode, Lana Porcello and Dave Muller share the creative path that led them to launch Outerlands, one of San Francisco’s most acclaimed culinary venues. During our wide-ranging conversation, Lana and Dave share their unique approach to realizing a creative project, the way feeling drives their goal setting, the passions that energize them as artists and musicians, and the advice they give to emerging entrepreneurs. And in a brief how-to, Dave also lets us in on the bread-making wonderment behind his addictive recipe. Get to know this married duo on the latest episode of Making Ways.

“I would always visualize this space with people talking and laughing around me and everybody having a great time. And that was really what I wanted. I wanted a community.”– Lana Porcello

About Dave and Lana

Dave Muller and Lana Porcello live and work in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood, a seaside community of artists, surfers, and makers. They turned toward entrepreneurship as a way of unifying work and family life with their creative process. The couple’s food backgrounds span everything from selling produce at farmer’s markets to mixing mustards in a jelly factory in Maine to rolling vegan sushi in a Santa Cruz hippie kitchen (where they met). But their farm-to-table restaurant is just as informed by their personal practices in illustration, design, and music, as well as their roles as parents. Dave and Lana see their restaurant as a creative exchange—between themselves, the many hands that have contributed to its evolution, and all those who have gathered there—an outlet that has changed their creative practices in surprising, new ways.

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Lana Porcello and Dave Muller are the owners and operators of Outerlands, one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco, renowned city- and countrywide for its sophisticated home-style California fare. In the latest episode of Making Ways, I chat with the married duo about their path to opening the restaurant, their backgrounds as artists and musicians, Dave’s bread making, and the advice they give to friends about pursing any creative or business endeavor. Lana and Dave didn’t have a master plan to open a restaurant one day, but they followed a feeling for the kind of environment they wanted to create, the types of conversations they wanted to foster, and the reactions they wanted from their guests.

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