March 22, 2017

Episode 2:

Rob Meyerson, Naming and Branding Strategist

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into building a brand or a career as a namer, tune in to...

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into building a brand or a career as a namer, tune in to episode two for an inspiring story from our very special guest, Rob Meyerson, principal and founder of brand strategy agency Heirloom. Rob joins the show to talk about his journey to becoming a naming and brand specialist, ditching the “family business” in academia for a professional life working at some of the world’s top agencies, living in China, and what inspired him to leave the corporate world to start his own creative shop.

“Try to get into the right mindset from the beginning so people are not necessarily expecting there to be a silver bullet. I’ve been asked, ‘How do you make everybody happy with the name?’ You may not. And you may not even want to.”-Rob Meyerson

About Rob

Rob works with business leaders to build identities for their organizations, products, and services. More than a name or logo, Rob believes an identity is defined by clear, focused beliefs, expressed through compelling words, and substantiated by consistent actions. His specialties include strategic positioning, naming and messaging, brand architecture, qualitative research, and organizational change. Prior to launching Heirloom, he was global head of brand architecture and naming at HP, and previously held strategy director roles at several leading, international brand consulting firms.

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One of my favorite SNL parody commercials is undoubtedly “Red Flag Perfume.” As Kristen Wiig elegantly glides across the room at a gala, grabbing the eye of every gentleman within eyesight, the voiceover slowly reveals she’s a complete disaster, increasingly throwing red flags throughout the skit.

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