May 13, 2017

Episode 10:

Tara Donne, Travel and Lifestyle Photographer

Tara Donne joins Making Ways to talk all about her journey from a food-loving kid in the wilds of...

Tara Donne joins Making Ways to talk all about her journey from a food-loving kid in the wilds of Connecticut to a travel, food, and lifestyle photographer touring the world shooting for some of the most esteemed magazines and culinary brands. Listen in to hear how Tara captures breathtaking images that bring moments in time to life for clients, the catalysts that led her to embark on a freelance career after a successful run as a photo editor, and what she’s learned along the way.

“I think it’s dangerous to ever be resting on your laurels, especially because everything changes so quickly. You have to be constantly challenging yourself, making new work, and paying attention to what’s happening aesthetically.”
– Tara Donne

About Tara

Tara Donne grew up among a family of food lovers, fantastic cooks and bakers who value their time together at the table above all else. Raised in the country but currently a city dweller, she is inspired by both and is likewise equally comfortable in the studio or on location. She holds a BFA in art photography from Syracuse University and spent many years honing her editing and production skills as a photo editor at domino, Real Simple, and Martha Stewart Living. Tara has been recognized as one of PDN’s 30 photographers to watch, and her work has been featured in Communication Arts’sFresh column and American Photography 28 and 32.

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When Tara Donne left her career as a magazine photo editor for a life as a professional photographer, she had stockpiled a good amount of knowledge just from working in the industry. But nothing truly prepares you for the leap into freelancing. You need a little faith and a clear game plan to walk out onto those hot coals of independence. As she’s grown her career, Donne has traveled the globe…

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